Saturday, June 9, 2007

Groupies of the Web: Kirk Cameron's

I was reading some news on yahoo when I stumbled across this. Nevertheless, it grabbed my interest.

Apparently, when Yahoo wanted to do a People of the Web story on religion and the internet, and of all the people available, they chose the guy famous (in the context of "religion on the web") for whipping out some photoshop humor pics in the middle of a live debate and sitting next to a man watching him play with his banana*.

And boy, from reading the comments, I can see their are alot of Kirk Cameron groupies on Yahoo:

prsh_12: kirk watched u as a kid on t.v shocked to c u on TBN testifying about ur faith in Jesus. so awesome how Jesus had a plan and & purpose in ur life...from Hollywood a witness for Christ. they wld hear u and respect u and u wld have a chance to use that popularity u gained(or the Lord help u gain) for the Glory of HIs name. May Jesus give u grace to finish ur race VICTORIOUSLY.

Wow, that guy has a point. It is shocking see a celebrity openly declare faith in Jesus Christ while appearing on TBN. Wow! Seriously, what are the odds?

ALPER O: i am so happy for kirk, for he has found salvation through Lord Jesus..Jesus is so wonderful that he knows his sheep and calls them from everywhere, no matter what their life style, culture, background or social position is..Thank you oh Son of God for loving us when we were once enemies..let your righteous offspring grow faster and faster and your kingdom advance till the end of this world.halleluja

What is it with people posting their prayers on the internet? Do they think God will stumble across them when he googles his name?

And there are even more words of encouragement for Brother Kirk:

ryn: hi kirk its gd u kno christ now please make him known even the more to others coz thats the greatest commandment,above all pray that God will give you the grace to stand amidst all the challenges of life,God bless you, Daniel 11:32b,be encouraged

Wait, some of those were words, right?

sonipeni: Hey Kirk! I´m glad you found Jesus and something as big as religion to fight and live for. I am a 30 year old girl from Spain, who watched absolutely every episode of Growing Pains. If it makes you fell better I learnt a lot of good values in that show, like how important family and love is. It made me laugh, and happy. Of course, as a teenager that I was I loved your character too.I´d have loved to have a brother as funny as Mike since I am an only child. Now I´m about to get married and all I can say is that I admire the fact that u are a wonderful father and husband. Regards to you all from Spain where u have always been admired and loved. One of your fans, Sonia.

sonipeni: Hey! Your fan from Spain again- i´d love to receive an email from u, why don´t u email me at my Thank you!

I bet a chimichanga and a large coke that on her wedding day, this "30 year old girl" will be glancing towards the church doors when she and her fiancée exchange vows, hoping against all hope that those doors will be thrust apart and she will be set free into the arms of her true-love. For she was saving herself not for Don Pablo DelaVega Martinez, but for the man that showed her the importance of family and love (and is already married and has six kids).

KC: I have a deep respect for the work that Kirk and Ray Comfort are doing. I contacted them last year after coming to a crossroads in my life. I did not know where to go or where to turn. My life turned on a dime 7 years ago and began a downhill spiral. I lost everything I had worked my entire life for. I received death threats. My home was burned down. My wife left me after 12 years of a healthy and happy marriage. I lost my business. I was jaded. One day, everything was "normal"...nice home, wife, kids, career, savings, three cars paid for and everyone healthy and happy...the "American dream" right? Then, I accidentally discover dismembered body parts wrapped in plastic while on the job at the largest rural healthcare organization in the United States. I asked what they did with severed arms, feet, hands and heads and I went from a "role model, trusted employee to a "person of interest" in a flash. I was watched, followed and fired and "banned" for life from this huge money machine that ran the entire city and employed thousands of people. I launched a crusade to find the truth. Why was I fired for asking a question? Why was I being followed? Why did the FBI show up at my home and take my trash and mail? Why did an assistant D.A. get so angry with me in a public parking lot discussing the issue of the "illegal body parts market" to the point where he pulled a loaded 9 mm bereta handgun on me and put it to my head in front of my two sons? I had many questions but it wasn't until I contacted Kirk and Ray through their website and poured my heart out to them that things began to make sense to me. A few days after they replied to my via email..I received a book and dvd in the mail that led me in a new direction (one other than the "legal" direction) a path with Jesus, who became my only judge in life. As I opened up my eyes and heart to the word, I began to see with clarity. I thank God for Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort! They are making a difference in so many lives and it's in their eyes...the "truth" is in their eyes. Thank you both for helping me see the light through your leading by "example". This is Kevin Curtis from Booneville, Mississippi and I approve this message! :)

I know it's probably a gag, but that one is my favorite one of all.

Too many to go through 'em all. Enjoy yourselves.


*No matter what anyone says, that never gets old. ;)

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