Friday, September 28, 2007

Double Entry: CSE CopyWrong and the 9/11 Bullshit Movement

Oy! Kent Hovind's Creation Science Evangelism ministries are at it again. This time they've been making false copyright claims in order to get videos that criticize them pulled off of youtube. For more information, check these vids out (courtesy of Thunderf00t):

Here's the letter that goes with that last video:

Dear Sir,
I write to inform you of the abuse of copyright claims by cseministry (Creation Science Ministries).

cseministry (Creation Science Ministries) have been flagging videos as their copyrighted material even though they contain no material whatsoever from cseministry. cseministry was founded by the young earth creationist and public figure, Kent Hovind who is currently serving a 10 year jail sentence for tax fraud. Videos that cseministry have claimed infringed their copyright include phone calls from various scientists to Kent Hovind, Hovinds phone calls from jails where he conspires to hide property from the IRS and completely original satirical animations of the likeness of the public figure Kent Hovind. cseministry are evidently making abusive use of the copyright claims system by making false claims against videos which reflect badly on cseministry or their founder Kent Hovind.
-This is an abuse of the systems that cseministry have been systematically using as a form of 'back door censorship' and needs to be addressed.

Further cseministry have made copyright claims on videos they have previously made. Yet cseministry have previously declared that all material produced by their ministry is public domain material (see video below). Public domain material cannot be copyrighted. Indeed it would appear that it is only within the last week that cseministry have changed their website ( to falsely claim they have copyright protection on all the material they have previously put in the public domain (see video below), simply so they can falsely flag videos critical of them on youtube. No-one can claim the copyright for public domain material, not even cseministry.
And even IF cseministry did own the copyright for any of this material, all of the videos they have flagged as infringing their copyright would fall into the category of fair use.

The following video explains the abuse by cseministry

The following is a partial list of accounts that have had videos deleted by false copyright claims by cseministry.
rabidape, johnplex, Acorvettes, EGarrett01, Desertphile, qxdc, Chrisboe4ever, RationalResponse and ExtantDodo

Best wishes

I sent off my letter, what about you?

It appears to be working, a lot of those anti-Hovind videos are making comebacks.

A few weeks ago all around campus I would find flyers like this one (I blacked out the city/town name and phone because I have a bit of an anonymity thing going on here):

For those of you who have trouble reading the text:

--Moment of silence at 7:15 PM--

Film at 7:30 'Loose Change'
Coffee & Snacks - Discussion

Informational exchange - Open mic


Admission by Donation

Who the heck gets a DJ to perform at a memorial service?


I've heard of Loose Change before, so after seeing these flyers all over the place, so I thought I'd check it out on the 'tubes. Needless to say, I wasn't very impressed. David Wong has an excellent piece on the film and its creators (as 9/11 "truthers" would say of Loose Change, it "makes you think").

Another great piece on this is Mark Roberts' Screw Loose Change, which goes through the entire video pointing out the errors and downright falsehoods.

I just can't buy into the idea that the U.S. government killed thousands of people in an immensely complex fashion making it look like something else, yet Dylan Avery and his buds are still alive. I mean, if the government can put a plane into the side of a building, what's to keep them from flying one into some college-dropout's apartment. No, no... a plane would be too big. It would have to be something smaller, like a riding mower.

Detective Blonsky: What happened here?

CSI: It appears a riding-mower crashed into this living room, slashing the inhabitants to ribbons.

Detective Blonsky: Damn! I suspect foul play, but without grainy photos and ominous-sounding music, I'll never be able to prove it.

9/11 is an open shut case for me, but I have my suspicions about another incidence...

(Unfastened Coins video courtesy of Maddox).

Coming soon: Another Every Man's Battle entry.

EDIT 2007/09/29: And how could I have forgotten the famous debunking done by Popular Mechanics.

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