Friday, January 4, 2008

Don't Drop the Study-Guide!

I had mentioned Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship in my Christmas blog entry. When mulling this over during the holidays, I recalled an old Al Hartley comic based on Colson's autobiography, Born Again.

And what better way to start off the new year than the same way I started this blog back in 2007, with Things I've Learned from Christian Comics:

  • Being shown in a church basement on a Saturday night to five teenagers whose parents won't let them go out on dates makes a film "a major motion picture".

  • Richard Nixon was a man of peace, and his dream was that Chuck Colson's sons and other young men like them will never be sent to war. That's why only the sons of those not wealthy or in politics were drafted.
  • Explosions and gunfire make Asian children smile.
  • Young artists, take a tip from Al Hartley: There is no such thing as too many smiling, floating severed heads.

  • Nixon never swore.

  • Partaking in political corruption is patriotic.

  • Boredom is FUN!

  • Colson had not seen his friend Tom in three years, but he knew something was different about him because he asked how his family was doing, and non-Christian people don't do that at all.

  • Nixon knew nothing about Watergate.

  • He was the 37th President of the United States of America. He was a simple "hatchet-man"...

  • Evangelicals run Washington the way the Mafia runs Las Vegas.

  • A "hatchet-man" serving seven months of a one-to-three year sentence in a low security prison for a crime he committed is comparable to the suffering the first century Christians went through at the hands of the Roman Empire.

  • If you ever find yourself leading a Bible-study in prison, don't drop the study-guide.

  • Thanks to Colson's Bible study and prayer group, the Holy Spirit instigated change in the prison. Sick bodies we're healed, sick spirits were lifted, and black people turned orange.

  • Christians are better-looking than non-Christians.


M&M'S said...

I suddenly understand why Marvel and DC are so popular... Because THIS comic makes me want to go out and read every Marvel ever written that has Wolverine slicing someone to shreds.

The Cynic Sage said...

Hartley actually did used to work for Marvel. He worked Patsy Walker, who later went on to become Hellcat.

The Cynic Sage said...

I meant to type, "worked on".

M&M'S said...

Should have stuck with Hellcat... And I think 'worked Patsy Walker' works just fine :)

stephy said...

I had this comic...and I remember everything in it...WOW.