Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Mercy for Mercy Ministries

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've had a big move to a place with a sometimes good/sometimes crappy internet connection, and got a new job that has been keeping me busy.

Thought I'd try out my webcam for this entry.

Mercy in the news:

Australian Today Tonight report.

They prayed to cast Satan from my body.

They sought help, but got exorcism and the Bible instead.

God's cure for gays lost in sin (apparently Mercy clients are not allowed to hug each other or form lasting friendships within the program out of fear that they will become lesbians).

Other links of note:

Sean the Blogonaut's Mercy Ministry entries (contains personal stories of Mercy victims).

Mercy Survivors blog.

Mercy victims tell their stories (youtube audio).

Coffee for a Better Cause.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know. I'm a Mercy Surviour meaning I'm Rhiannon Canham-Wright and the girls that have been kicked out of mercy have come together to bring hope to others that have been kicked out of mercy that our lives are NOT what Mercy has said it would be like. Myself and Naomi and 'Megan' had came up with this idea that we can surpport the other Mercy Surviours that had been kicked out or chosse to leave Mercy and come up with ways we can kind of kick them out of our lives for good. that is why I'm a Mercy F*@king Ministries SURVIOUR!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your surpport!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the support. I ex-Mercy from the US. Just so you know, Nancy Alcorn is the "mastermind" behind the organization, Peter Irvine is just one of her disciples.

The Cynic Sage said...

Nancy Alcorn is the "mastermind" behind the organization, Peter Irvine is just one of her disciples.

Guess it seems I'm gonna have to put out a video about her.

I heard that she used to work for Teen Challenge, any links to info about her.

past mm resident said...

I messaged you on youtube, have a tonne of stuff for ya

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Oh great sage, thanks for posting on MM. More awareness might result in some action being taken in other countries

Anonymous said...

for information on Nancy, look on the US site "Mercy Ministries of America" there is a section titled "our founder." There is a timeline and also a radio interview where she spews a bunch of crap. She always tells the same story.

ConfesSword said...

Damn. O_o

Such disgusting hypocrisy.

I mean, I knew the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement had pretty much gone to hell in a handbasket, but I didn't know they'd gotten THIS bad.


Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed this video and found it to be very informative. One thing I could suggest for next time though would to be writing a script beforehand to read off of to keep your pauses to a minimum. We would barely be able to tell you were reading them anyways as you wear those sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

I am a former resident at a US home, and if anyone were to ask me about the most difficult time of my life, it would be when I was at Mercy (3 months). I am all for outing them. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I am also an ex resident and whilst their is a little bi8t of truth about what Ms Canham-Wright has said their is a lot of lying on her part. The other girls speak the truth but Rhiannon is an admitted pathological liar with her latest lie being that she is dying. She is a BULLY as well and is about to have massive legal action taken against her. Her story is just an attention seeking ploy and that has been confirmed by more than one resident who were there when she was. The stories of the other girls are truth of what went on but I would strongly advise anyone using Rhiannon's story to cut all association with it because when this blows legally she is going to look like the fraud she is