Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Cash 4 Mercy

Hey guys, another vid on Mercy Ministries by me. Special thanks to Mercygirl777 for the idea of what I like to call "Operation No Mercy".

The "Campaign 4 Mercy"s tags are as of July 1st 2008:
mercy ministries cutting anorexia pregnancy sexual abuse self harm addictions

You can download youtube videos directly to your PC here.

These are the vids to download:

Some Australian news links to pass around:

"They prayed to cast Satan from my body".

"They sought help, but got exorcism and the Bible".

"'Exorcisms, cruel techniques' part of Mercy Ministry treatment".

"Lives at risk when vulnerable patients taken in by cult-like groups".

"The business of giving Mercy".

"Hillsong linked to claims of abuse against women".

"Ethics, financial probity for review".

"No mercy for transgressions".

"God's cure for gays lost in sin"

"Hell or a godsend: women tell their stories".

"Cult-rescue group 'concerned about' Mercy Ministries".

"Mercy Ministries misinformation referred to the ACCC":

And some other links:

Mercy Survivors blog.

Ex-Mercy (American) blog "Truth Will Out".

beuty4ashes7's Mercy story. (give this one a 5-star rating).

X-Mercy Stories.

Radio interview with Naomi Johnson.

Coffee for a Better Cause.


stop MM abusing women said...

You are my hero

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

excellent work. post coming as per your request.

Anonymous said...

isn't it fair to say that a program that has a 90% success rate is doing well? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercy_ministries

even regular treatment centers have individuals who don't like the way they were treated. i'm not sure it's fair to target mercy ministries alone. is it because of your feelings towards christians or the ministry. not trying to start a fight, just trying to see where you're coming from.

The Cynic Sage said...

A) The "90% success rate" claimed by the likes of Irving is grounded in what? And independent study? I don't think so.

B) I am a Christian, and believe it or not, it is because I am a Christian that I am especially upset at this.

C) Actually, I have a beef with "ministries" that cheat people out of the care they need then proceed to avoid accountability in the nepotism of the parallel-economy.

BTW Anon, are you part of Mercy's advocacy program? I like it how you dropped the "90% success rate" thing. Next time try to make it sound less scripted, okay?

Anonymous said...

The fact that yo specifically addressed anon in your video made me lol. They haven't touched Scientology in a long time, their help here wouldn't have done their other campaign any harm, but I think specifically talking to them may just hurt your chances of having them join. :P

stop mm abusing women said...

Anonymous the 90% success rate that you quoted is a myth.

Mercy Ministries have incorrectly quoted 90% - 95% success rates but what they don't tell you is that they do not include all the women who attend Mercy Ministries when formulating their statistics.

What they do is they estimate that 90% of women who GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH their program have benefited.

They don't mention that over 50% of women who attend Mercy Ministries choose to leave for reasons like mistreatment, abuse etc and that others are kicked out for reasons such as taking too long to pray to become a Christian etc.

If you are going to try and defend an organisation, at least make the effort to learn a little about it first.

Anonymous said...

The 90% stat came from Wikipedia. Didn't mean to sound scripted or anything, just quoting that site.

Are there any girls defending Mercy or are the only ones speaking out those that didn't finish the program?

So where did the stat come from if not a study of some kind? Is it an independent study and if so, isn't that typical of treatment centers?

Shari said...

I don't claim to know the MM worldwide stats, but in Australia when the media exposed Mercy, the stats were that around 50% or more of the women who go to Mercy are kicked out or leave.

I have heard girls who went through the entire program speaking about how they were denied medical and psychological care while in the program, made to have exorcisms and other things.
I don't know where you came up with the assumption that only those who were smart enough to get out of the program have spoken out about the abuse. The effects of being in a place like MM can be damaging and lasting, especially for those who were there long term.

Andy AtkinsDiet said...

It's got nothing to do with the blog entry, but I see you like Cracked.

Good man.

princess said...

lol, you call yerself a christian?????????? oh my gosh

mercy girl said...

Thank you Cynic Sage for being the type of Christian who has the guts to tell the truth about Mercy Ministries.