Monday, July 28, 2008

Would You Like Some Cheddar-Poppers with Your Excorcism?

Apparently Nancy Alcorn was just in Australia and had met with the Mercy Survivors there and humbly gave a hand-in-the-cookie-jar-cover-your-own-ass-as-much-as-possible apology to the girls, saying that she didn't know about girls being treated with exorcisms and being abused and that nothing like that ever happens at Mercy America.

Well, in her interview with Cameron Reilly of The Podcast Network's G'Day World, American Mercy-Survivor Victoria Lucas begs to differ (I uploaded the interview in five parts):

The original interview can be downloaded from here.


m&ms said...

Okay.... So when the Catholic church thinks your a little extreme- and wants nothing to do with you... You KNOW you've got problems.

The Cynic Sage said...

The Catholic Church made a statement on Mercy Ministries? What?

m&ms said...

Yeah.... The "Nuns of Mercy" (or something like that) said that they wanted to make sure everyone understands that they have NO affiliation with Mercy Ministries or anything it represents.

The Cynic Sage said...

Oh, you mean the Sisters of Mercy.

princess said...

ok, so have you ever sat down and talked to a girl who has successfully completed the mercy program... and no, not someone in yer head or some imaginary person... a real girl who has been saved and changed because of this organisation?!?!?!

the world deserve to hear the success of this program.. and not just the crap from a select few girls that got kicked out.

mel said...

"princess" if you actually stopped to listen to this woman, she didn't get kicked out of Mercy.

A lot of women who didn't get kicked out of Mercy have spoken about their experiences of being abused at the organisation.

You seem to be dribbling out your opinion, without knowing the facts.

Taking women away from proven treatment, promising them real treatment, but then putting them in the care of unqualified staff and performing exorcisms on them is moronic.

m&ms said...


Problem with that logic is it doesn't hold up.
When one person (with an undocumented case history) complains- I could argue whining.
When a group of people (with documented emotional/physical problems) speak up- you have to start wondering if there's a problem.
(eg. People have filed suites due to mistreatment by the catholic church- not everyone can be lying)

Do some research (I did) if you dig deep enough, you'll learn for yourself that there's more than a few problems.

princess said...

maybe those with "the documented emotional problems" that you stated, are the ones with the real problems?

thing is... i cant believe any of the crap people are saying about mercy when all that i experienced while there was great. can you try and understand that?

you jump and listen to the people that claim to have had horrible times there, why cant you listen to people like me, who had no problems what so ever?

can you try and understand that?
see thats my problem with all of you... you wont listen to the other side of the story. you say someone is lying, so why not give someone else agi and listen?

B said...

I guess the problem is that I experienced Mercy for myself, and I know what it was like. Nobody who has been through the program can say with an honest heart, that the staff didn't perform exorcisms there. Casting demons out is one of the stages in the counselling folder. I also know that no girls when I was there saw a psych or any professional. What the Aussie media has been saying pretty much lines up with my experience of Mercy Ministries. It was a horrible place and they didn't give me any of the treatment I was promised that made me decide to apply and go there. I can totally understand where the media is coming from because the scrutiny is warranted.

Anonymous said...

maybe things have changed at mercy then. cause i had no exorcisms... and i seen a psych doctor heaps of times... at stages, it was once a fortnight. i also seen 2 other specialists while there a number of times.

i got ALL the treatment i was promised, a loving and caring environment, qualified and experienced staff, GP and specialist care, food and safety. counselling and group work.

as i said, MAYBE mercy was different back when you went, but i doubt they would of done all that people are saying they did. how people PERCIEVE things is different for EVERYONE.

as i have said many a time, why not give a girl that has positive things to say about mercy ago... listen to them, you cant judge an organisation on just one side of the story... there is ALWAYS another side of the story.

b said...

I don't know about that. Should an organisation get off scott free just because they abused girls but they 'don't do that anymore?'

I know that things haven't changed because I have a friend who was at Mercy a few weeks ago and she had the same type of things happen to her.

Of course not every girl is going to have the exact same type of abuse and some girls might leave there without having experienced much damage at all in their opinion. It's just like in a large family of children, if only a few have been abused but not all of them, does that make it ok? Of course not! One child might say "That didnt happen to me! So that means the other children are lying!!!" I think this is the whinge that girls like princess are trying to put forward. It doesn't hold any weight though. I mean I experienced it myself and I saw a lot of things with other girls. It's good if she doesn't think she was damaged, but I know I was. My psych said I was and my doctor said I was and my family said I was and my youth leader said I was. These are people who knew me before Mercy and after Mercy. Those are just my thoughts.

John Weaver said...

Hey, Cynic, just wanted to let you know that I'm blogging about Mercy too now.

John Weaver