Saturday, October 18, 2008

Someone Must Be Butt-Hurt Pretty Bad...

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... to have been flagging my videos with false DMCA claims of copyright infringement, which BTW, is perjury. They seemed especially eager to flag videos that mentioned the exorcisms and abuse done by Mercy outside of Australia. As of Oct 15th, 2008, Youtube has suspended my account and I cannot access it even to upload a video to explain to my subscribers what happened. Thankfully, Sean the Blogonaut has uploaded videos to his account telling people my fate. I also give a special thanks to SilverRose72 for mirroring what she could.

Sadly, abuse of the DMCA as a means of backdoor-censorship is nothing new: Creation Science Evangelism has done this before and recently youtube user VenomfangX has filed false DMCA claims against youtube user Thunderf00t and crashed and burned for it.

Apparently the individual who flagged my videos has not only convinced him/herself, but also Youtube, that Nancy Alcorn legally owns the color pink and letter "M" (someone should inform the good folks at Sesame Street post-haste).

I am terribly sorry (no wait, I'm not) to inform whoever has been flagging my videos that the footage of Mercy promotional material used in my videos qualify as fair-use under the comment and criticism clauses of the DMCA.

Listed below are mirrors of most of my videos and descriptions explaining how I beleive in good faith these videos constitute fair-use and that Mercy Ministries Inc has committed perjury by having YouTube take them down:

Mercy Ministries Abuses: This video is a mirror of a video from the Sydney Morning Herald's website and contains no copyrighted materials belonging to Mercy Ministries that does not fall under fair-use, especially considering this video was put together by an Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. This video contains audio footage from former Mercy Ministries clients being interviewed accompanied by photographs of the women being interviewed, Mercy Ministries' Sunshine Coast home, and some pics of Mercy Ministries promotional material.

I had never made any sort of attempt to claim ownership or commercial gain through uploading this video to Youtube. My goal in uploading of this video was to help educate people about the harmful practices of Mercy Ministries Inc and spread this important information to others through the internet. This video's URL on my channel was: This video was taken down as a result of a third-party notification by Mercy Ministries, Inc. NOTE: This video was the first to be taken down (I received email notification of this from Youtube on October 14, 2008 at 7:16:54 PM).

Re: Mercy Ministries: This video was a response to a Mercy promotional video uploaded on Nate Goldfinch's youtube channel. I commented on the Mercy abuse scandal and criticized Mercy Ministries based on the facts that had been reported in the Australian news media at the time. I also used a parody mock-up of the Mercy Ministries and Gloria Jeans logos in order to make fun of the two organizations.

I used parts of the song What Up People by Japanese Metal Band Maximum Hormone in two short parts of the video. Mercy Ministries Inc. does not own the copyright to that song and my usage of that song in my video falls under fair-use as I was using it to make fun of (parody) the background music in Mercy Ministries Inc.'s promotional videos. This video's original URL is: This video was taken down as a result of a third-party notification by Mercy Ministries, Inc.

No Cash 4 Mercy: This video was my response to Mercy Ministries' "Campaign 4 Mercy" promotional video. In this video I did use some of the "Campaign 4 Mercy" video, but only to parody it. I then criticized Mercy Ministries and commented on Mercy's harmful practices, advising viewers not donate to the organization. This video's original URL is: This video was taken down as a result of a third-party notification by Mercy Ministries, Inc.

The Two Faces of Mercy Ministries: In this video I outlining Mercy Ministries' deception and lack of transparency, using footage from Australian News programs Today Tonight's expose of Mercy Ministries and some brief footage of a speech made by Mercy Ministries Inc. president Nancy Alcorn at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, California on February 10th 2008, which I comment on and criticize. The video's original URL is: This video was taken down as a result of a third-party notification by Mercy Ministries, Inc.

Mercy Ministries American Abuse Survivor Speaks Out: These are five videos of Cameron Reilly's interview with Jodi Ferris (then going by the pseudonym "Victoria Lucas") that he gave me permission to upload to Youtube. This interview can be downloaded in it's original audio form from Reilly's blog. These five videos contained no copyrighted material belonging to Mercy Ministries that did not fall under fair-use (I did re-use the mock-ups of the Mercy Ministries and Gloria Jeans logos from Re: Mercy Ministries). Although parts 1 through 4 were taken down as a result of a third-party notification by Mercy Ministries, Inc, part 5 remained up until my account was suspended by Youtube. Part 5 is currently mirrored by other youtube users.

Here are the original URLs of the videos of that interview that have been taken down as a result of a third-party notification by Mercy Ministries, Inc:
  1. Mercy Ministries American Abuse Survivor Speaks Out (1/5):

  2. Mercy Ministries American Abuse Survivor Speaks Out (2/5):

  3. Mercy Ministries American Abuse Survivor Speaks Out (3/5):

  4. Mercy Ministries American Abuse Survivor Speaks Out (4/5):

Now here's the good part. Remember what happened when CSE had all those videos taken down with false charges of copyright infringement:

Yeah, I know. Awesome.

This is where I need your help.

Yes, you. I'd be very much obliged.

Do you have a Youtube account and a webcam? Then use it. Upload videos of yourself commenting on what Mercy Ministries is doing. Do you want to remain anonymous? Then wear a mask and do so. If you want use voice-to-text, just tell the people of Youtube what is going on.

Remember to mention how Mercy Ministries America first responded to news of the Mercy Australia abuse scandal by attempting to edit their Wikipedia page in May 2008 to remove any mention of it.

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In having our videos taken down, Nancy Alcorn will not only be shooting herself in the foot, but hacking it off with a rusty-axe and feeding it to her shelties. When people see Mercy's use of backdoor-censorship, their reputation will go even further down the crapper than it did when the story broke that their mistreatment of vulnerable women was not limited to Australia.

Also I heartily recommend mirroring my videos. You can download a .RAR file of all the anti-Mercy vids I put together from here. You can also download a copy of the Sunday Morning Herald's video file of Naomi Johnson and Rhiannon Canham-Wright being interviewed from here (warning: I could take a while, so go do something while the files are downloading). Just remember that after you have uploaded the videos to use Youtube's annotation feature to place annotations that state that any material belonging to Mercy Ministries appearing in this video is used under fair-use for commentary, criticism, and/or parody with no intention of use for commercial gain (you can also you a video-editor like Windows Movie Maker to add some text explaining this at the beginning if you want, whatever).

And best of all, make your own videos. Be creative, just be sure to mention fair-use. If Mercy were to have more critical videos taken down (especially if they contain little-to-no material originating from Mercy Ministries) it would reflect even worse on them as news of their actions spreads through the series of tubes. If Mercy does not flag them, the material is left up and the word gets out about Mercy. Either way it's win-win.

If you don't have a youtube account, then get one. If you can't get one, then blog about what Mercy has been doing.

You can also contact the good folks at (just remember to remove the "#"s) and tell them what's Mercy has been doing.

I will be contacting the EFF to see if I can get me one of them fancy, new-fangled copyright lawyers for free.

Godspeed, and thanks for everything,
The Cynic Sage.

EDIT: For those who don't know how, here is a tutorial for making youtube video annotations:


Anonymous said...

Great post cynic sage.

I think you're right, I think all of that falls under Fair Use and Mercy have been exploiting Youtube's user services.

If you need anybody to chip in some cash so you can get a lawyer let me know.

I'm sure we'd all love to see these creeps futher exposed for their hypocrisy, abuse and illegal activities.

The Cynic Sage said...

Thanks for the offer.

You realize you would have to leave me contact info if you expect me to ever take you up on that offer. Lol

Anonymous said...

I'll email you

Anonymous said...

Wow, keep it up, these creeps need to get whats coming to them.

Also these colours are a lot better than the last ones.

Anonymous said...

If you were a real man with real concerns for "Mercy survivors" than you would should your face. I think that it is obvious that you are in need of some serious help...

Steve said...

At least he is doing something about it Anonymous.

What are you doing about the Mercy Ministries scandal apart from whinging and criticizing those who are taking a stand?

It's funny that throw pathetic insults at him and complain that he doesn't show his face, but at the same time you can't even type your own name in with your comment.

Geds said...

Not to be a Troll-caller, but Anon up there is probably a Mercy supporter trying to shame Mr. Sage...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that person is either a troll or a moron. :P

Anonymous said...

I've had this happen to me too. What did YouTube tell you when you filed your counter-notices? It seems like YouTube's policies and procedures should be reviewed.

H said...

H: That right, right where I want you...
CS: You there, may I have a word?
H: Ah, er, me?
CS: Yes you.
H: Uh, okay...
CS: Would you happen to know how to get to-
H: ha ha ha ha ha I got you so good!
CS: wut?
H: You know what I'm talking about!
CS: Are you the guy who offered to help out with money for a lawyer? Were you just trying to get my personal information to make some sort of attack on my person?
H: What? No.
CS: So you made some sort of idiotic comment about my wearing a mask?
H: No!
CS: You reported my YouTube account?
H: No god dammit!
CS: Well then what did you do?!
H: I stole your cupcakes!
CS: That was you?!?!

Ex-Mercy US said...

Let me know if you want me to host any of your vids on my acct. I'll post them on mine and give you credit, etc. I know you said you were working on some new ones.

Kristian said...

Hey CS
If they have not withdrawn the false copyright infringement claims by now, may I suggest you offer them a choice similar to the example Thunderfoot set.

An apology like this or else legal action.

Was it just your videos they had taken down, or were there other Youtube users affected?

I'm assuming it was just you. But if there were any others affected, you would have a much stronger case because it could establish a pattern of repeated disregard for the law.

Anonymous said...

Vie magazine apparently has an article about Mercy Ministries but didn't mention the abuse they inflict on their clients, or the exorcisms. I thought you might want to know.

Good going Cynic Sage.