Sunday, November 2, 2008

An Open Letter to BarlowGirl

I'm back baby!

...albeit on a new youtube channel.

And on Mercy editing their Wikipedia page...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Cynic Sage.

Such a great way to highlight the hypocrisy of Mercy Ministries and a Christian band supporting them.

Instead Christians should continue to speak out against Mercy Ministries for the damage they are doing to our young people.

Thank you for having the conviction to speak out.

God bless

SC said...

CS: oh poop.
SC: what's wrong?
CS: Shit all that's what!
SC: Oh, I see...
CS: Yeah, and it's really pissing me off!
SC: Understandable...
CS: You aren't helping.
SC: I'm not trying to.
CS: Well maybe you should!
SC: Maybe I should...
CS: Yeah.

Rubyfruit said...

Brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

I can say little more than that.

Anonymous said...

Cynic have you seen the news about Mercy Ministries Australia?