Monday, July 28, 2008

Would You Like Some Cheddar-Poppers with Your Excorcism?

Apparently Nancy Alcorn was just in Australia and had met with the Mercy Survivors there and humbly gave a hand-in-the-cookie-jar-cover-your-own-ass-as-much-as-possible apology to the girls, saying that she didn't know about girls being treated with exorcisms and being abused and that nothing like that ever happens at Mercy America.

Well, in her interview with Cameron Reilly of The Podcast Network's G'Day World, American Mercy-Survivor Victoria Lucas begs to differ (I uploaded the interview in five parts):

The original interview can be downloaded from here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nancy Gets NOTHING!

What is it with me and these Mercy Ministries videos?

Naomi Johnson's radio interview with Howard Sattler.

The source video for footage of Nancy Alcorn.

Special thanks to MercyGirl777 for suggesting I make the vid, and the Mercy advocates who left comments on my videos like these (emphasis mine):

I've seen sooooo many girls graduate the program a much better person. And go on to do such amazing things.
Never were there exorcisms etc. it's a Christian based program which is clearly stated during the whole application process.
If you are not willing to accept that- this program isn't right for you. Let me reiterate that Mercy Ministries is a VOLUNTRY program. I entered the program then left- I wasn't ready. -giorgiosbf

this video is bull!i went 2 mercy as a resident myself & they explain 2 u all the rules & the fact that it is centered around God & His healing (not the programs) & each girl is handeled uniquely but there are definately lots of rules that are enforced for the protection of the girls. (they even give u a copy of the handbook in the application) i went 2 the nashville home & for the 9months i was there we never gathered around eachother praying & "casting out demons". if u need help,call mercy! -lindayhamre

Ok, I'm not saying you are wrong, because maybe Mercy in Sydney does mistreat women. I went to Mercy in America and the staff there loved us beyond belief. We saw psycologists, we didn't have to ask permission for anything, our belongings weren't kept under lock and key. I am very sorry for what you went through, but Mercy in America is different. There were no exorcisms. Everything in Mercy in the US was unbelievably loving, caring, and supportive. Unconditional love and grace was offered there -christiangrrl24

So either Mercy is lying or... um... Mercy is lying.